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Don't Let One Mistake Ruin Your Life

DUI Lawyer Lawrenceville, GA

Don't Let One Mistake Ruin Your Life

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You went to a friend's party, had a few drinks and thought you were okay to drive yourself home. But you didn't get far down the road before a police officer pulled you over. The next thing you knew, you were in handcuffs in the back of a police car.  It all seemed to happen so quickly.  Now what? Call an experienced DUI attorney who keeps up with the ever-changing DUI laws and knows how to craft the best defense for your case. Call Christine.

Christine has handled DUIs throughout the State of Georgia.  If she thinks that you will be best served by local counsel, she will refer you to the best DUI attorney for your case, or associate them in to your case to form a team.

Call now to protect your driving privileges.

  • You have 30 days from the date of your arrest to file a letter with the Office of State Administrative Hearings to protect your ability to drive in Georgia.

When you call our office we will do an intake, send you a questionnaire and we will schedule a time to meet with you about your case.  Together we can determine the best way to handle your case. You may need someone to to take your case to trial or you may just need someone to do damage control.  

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